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How to Advocate for LTC Financing

Financing long-term supportive services must not be swept aside yet again. Advocates must create a drumbeat that demands attention and solutions, including federal catastrophic long-term care insurance.

How to Talk with a Member of Congress (or the Staff)

The following are several points that would be helpful as you cultivate relationships with your members of Congress both in the United States House of Representatives and the Senate.  Call the Capitol Hill office rather than their district office. (but also call the district office if the Capitol Hill office staff says the Member will…


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Dr. Joanne Lynn

Dr. Joanne Lynn (Twitter: @drjoannelynn) is a geriatrician, hospice physician, health services researcher, quality improvement advisor, and policy advocate who has focused upon shaping American health care so that every person can count on living comfortably and meaningfully through the period of serious illness and disability in the last years of life, at a sustainable cost to the community.

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